Another evening run to watch the sunset

South Pennine Fell Challenges

Get out there and challenge yourself in the South Pennine valleys and moors

The South Pennines moors is an area of vast, broad moorland and steep sided valleys sandwiched between several major cities and towns in the Northwest of England. With such accessibility, it makes for a fantastic playground for fell runners, hikers and other outdoors enthusiasts. 

South Pennine Fell Challenges is a resource site for fell running challenge routes. The routes are designed to be undertaken at any time throughout the year and designed as personal challenge routes. Most of the routes are designed to test hill & mountain-craft and navigation skills as well as speed and endurance, but most of all they are designed to give runners and hikers an enjoyable, challenging day out in our locals hills. We have great mountains in the UK, but we don't always have to travel too far for pure fell challenges. 

Finally made it to crow hill on the crag

Get Creative...

Got a great route you'd like to share? click on the link below and send us your route details and any known records and we'll have it listed on the site. Maps would also be useful if you have them available.