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Hebden Valleys

The Hebden Valleys Round is a very tough round starting and ending in Mytholmroyd, taking in as many steep sided valleys and hills as possible in a circle around Hebden Bridge. It makes for a really exciting tour of the town, exploring the rough moorland surroundings and lush woodland trails as well as some really tough climbs.

Approximately 28-30 miles / 2000m Elevation 

Finally made it to crow hill on the crag

Route Details

Start – Mytholmroyd Community Centre - SE 01123 25970

CP1 – Sheepstones Trig Point - SE 01490 27826

CP 2 – Crow Hill (Midgley) - SE 02252 27688

CP 3* – Rocking Stone - SE 03412 30206

CP 4 – High Brown Knoll Trig Point - SE 03412 30206

CP 5* – Abel Cross - SD 98597 30671

CP 6* – Walshaw - SD 97377 31358

CP 7* - Hardcastle Crags (Summit) - SD SD 97262 30311

CP 8 – Lumb Bank (Curved Bridge) – SD 97707 28232

CP 9 – Badger Lane Crossing – SD 97903 27684

CP 10 – Stoodley Pike - SD 97314 24199

CP 11* – Two Lads Cairns – SD 98394 22107

CP 12 – Manshead End Trig Point– SD 99798 19754

CP 13 - Crow Hill (Sowerby) Trig Point - SE 01930 22886

CP 14* - Top of Broadhead Clough / Erringden Moor - SD 99312 24981

Finish – Mytholmroyd Community Centre

*See Notes Below

Beautiful sky above Cragg Vale during th

Important Route Details

CP 5 - Run through the main courtyard in the small hamlet at Walshaw before heading down into Hebden Dale.

CP 7 - on the way down to Gibson Mill take a short detour of the main track and climb onto the small summit of Hardcastle Crags, which offers an amazing viewpoint up and down Hebden Dale.

CP 9 - There is a path up through the woods that isn't marked on the map heading from the lumb bank bridge up to the road crossing at badger lane at the Grid Reference given. 

CP 11 - Be aware that this section involves a slog over pathless heather terrain. I would encourage runners not to take on the full Hebden Valleys Round during March - July due to nesting season for ground nesting birds.

CP 14 - The trail through broadhead clough tops out onto the edge of Erringden moor, where you are met with a signpost at the top. You just need to reach this point where the trail meets the edge of the moor. 


Current Records

No current records due to recent course changes.

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