Another evening run to watch the sunset

Tod Graham Round

Category AL Fell Challenge taking in some of the toughest fell terrain around the Todmorden Skyline. The route has quite a lot of opportunity for route choice between checkpoints making for a really great, challenging day in the hills.

18 miles / 1600m Elevation Approx.


Route Details

  • Start – Todmorden Town Hall – SD 93659 24137

  • CP 1 – Stones Lane – SD 92595 23473

  • CP 2 – Trough Edge End – SD 90600 21882

  • CP 3 – Ramsden Clough (Reservoir Western Entrant end) – SD 91269 21057

  • CP 4 – Ramsden Hill – SD 91708 20695

  • CP 5 - Stile crossing at Cranberry Dam - SD 92602 20420

  • CP 6 – Noon Hill (1st wind turbine after crossing the gate) – SD 92962 19923

  • CP 7 – Warland Reservoir (Northern corner) – SD 95452 21466

  • CP 8 – Gaddings Dam (Northern Corner) - SD 94825 22550

  • CP 9 – Bride Stones Trig Point – SD 93236 26730

  • CP 10 – Flower Scar – SD 90545 24880

  • Finish – Todmorden Town Hall – SD 93659 24137

Beautiful sky above Cragg Vale during th

Important Route Notes

CP1 – As you travel west along stones lane, the road takes a sharp right bearing north. At this corner, you want to turn left and there is a stile right in front of you. This indicates the CP you need to hit.

CP4 – Ramsden Hill is a bit of a plateau and doesn’t have a specific feature to hit. You just need to cross the plateau basically. This part just follows the turnslack fell race route over the hill and has been thrown in to stop anyone from circling around the base of the hill.

CP6 – At noon hill, once you’ve battled through all the tussocks getting up the hill, climb over the gate and touch the first wind turbine directly in front of you.

CP10 – There is a small cairn at the lip of the hill marking the flower scar checkpoint. Touch the cairn.



Note: it is preferable that runners start and end from the traditional start at the town hall. However, I won't discard any record runs that start and finish elsewhere on the route as long as you still visit the town hall as a checkpoint.

Men – Andrew Worster – 2:33:37

Women – Holly Page – 3:16: 33

MV40 – Anthony Lee – 2:59:58

FV40 – No known attempts

MV50 – Jon Wright - 3:01:31*

FV50 – No known attempts

MV60 – Bob Halstead – 3:44:24*

MV70 – Nick Harris & Malc Bird – 6:39:39

*Jon started and ended his run on the route from Gauxholme rather than the traditional start at the town hall. 

*Bob Started and ended his run from Bridestones rather than the traditional start at the town hall. 

Clockwise Round: Men – Andy Ford - 3:22:39

A few pics from today's run. Kinda liber