Another evening run to watch the sunset

Trigs and Crosses Round

A long, arduous journey across the moors above Todmorden and Hebden Bridge, the Trigs and Crosses Round takes challengers in search of local trig points and ancient monoliths.

Approximately 26 miles / 1200m Elevation.


Route Details

The route can start at any single checkpoint listed below. The clock starts as soon as soon as you leave the checkpoint. Runners / Hikers must visit all checkpoints in the order below and end up back at the same checkpoint to finish. 

Bridestones trig - SD 93235 26728

Reaps Cross - SD 94358 30268

Standing Stone Hill trig - SD 95102 30268

Abel Cross - SD 98623 30707

Withens Height trig - SD 97797 35755

Water Sheddles Cross (also known as Hanging Stone – now appears more of a standing stone than a cross) - SD 97123 38276

Little Wolf Stones trig - SD 97121 39402

Coombe Hill Cross (remains of – consists of a cross stump in a base) - SD 95586 38608

Boulsworth Hill trig (Lad Law) - SD 92968 35631

Hoofstones Height trig - SD 91419 29092

Mount Cross, Delf Lane - SD91462 27284

Bridestones trig - SD 93235 26728

Beautiful sky above Cragg Vale during th

Important Route Notes

The Mount Cross checkpoint is on private land and must not be trespassed. A public right of way passes just to the south of mount cross in which the monolith is visible from.

A few pics from today's run. Kinda liber


Men / MV40 - Ian Symington: 4:55:22

Women: Holly Page - 5:04:43